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What you need to know about deep hiarcs 14 uci chess engine 35: Installation, configuration, and usage

the world chess software champion is the strongest uci chess engine. hiarcs chess engine was developed by the the scientific computing foundation, inc. the following articles are available at the web site: (june 2006).

Deep hiarcs 14 uci chess engine 35

the world chess software champion hiarcs uci chess engine (multiprocessor) for pc windows pc is a powerful chess database, analysis and playing program for pc windows computers. it offers a very powerful user interface with the strongest ever hiarcs chess engine and world class chess database features. this advanced software supports major chess database formats from chessbase cbh and cbv files, the chess standard pgn and the new fast and powerful hce format which supports huge databases only limited by memory. move your chess forward with the best chess software for pc windows. this unique combination offers easy to use features managing chess databases, preparation, analysis, play and training for players of all abilities from beginner to grandmasters and beyond.

in dragon you can select and choose which board colours to use. dragon can detect a separate light and dark board colour and use both in its evaluation of a position. in mcts mode, by checking dark and light colours in the uci parameters of your chess gui, you can toggle between using the light and dark board colour (a board colour is set by putting a 1 in the position. dark is 0 and light is 1).

to find and fix bugs in the engine, you can submit a bug report by clicking the contact link in the top left of the gui. you can also get help and suggestions by using the 'bug reports' link (located in the top right of the gui) to report bugs and suggestions. a separate link is provided to report a crash to us.


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