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Sunset Lover __HOT__

We have been travelling the world for over 10 years and we make it a point to watch as many sunsets together as we can in every country we visit. We have gotten some amazing photos during that time and have shared some of the best with our favourite sunset quotes about love and romance.

Sunset Lover

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So you saw an amazing sunset with someone special and are now looking for a quote that sums up that feeling. Here are the best romantic sunset quotes that says it better than we ever could. These are also great if you are looking for a romantic sunset quote for Instagram or other social media about your memorable experience.

You might be looking for sunset quotes about love and you should find what you are looking for in these love quotes about sunsets. Whether comparing love to sunsets or simply talking about loving sunsets there is something for everyone. Check out these sunset love quotes now! If you like love quotes check out our list of Short Love Quotes, I Love You Quotes for Him and I Love You Quotes for Her.

The song that has stuck with me for the latter part of my adult life to date has to be "Sunset Lover" by Petit Biscuit. Turning the questions above on myself, I can wonder why and maybe think that "it's amazing," but that's too easy. Considering the factors that led to this song becoming so prevalent in my life since I first discovered it. I'm pretty sure my story of the perfect tune has at least some parallels to your own song. However, before we take this deep dive, let's talk about who this artist is. Petit Biscuit, or little biscuit if you prefer some translation, is the stage name of Mehdi Benjelloun, who was born November 10, 1999, in Rouen, France. He was born the son of a Moroccan father and French mother. Growing up, Benjelloun became familiar with instruments such as piano, cello, bass, and guitar. He favored electro house sounds as he continued on his musical journey and felt he could produce unlimited styles and combinations of music. But why 'Petit Biscuit'? Trust me, for a long while, I wondered as well. The story goes that he loved his grandmother's French pastries. Whenever he would eat the confectionary treats, in particular the biscuits, his grandmother would pat him on the head and say "I love you, my little biscuit," and the saying stuck. so much so that even his at-the-time girlfriend would say the same thing. The name stuck and thus Petit Biscuit was born. Like many other young artists in the 2010's, Petit Biscuit released his early tracks on SoundCloud. After a little while, he was noticed by distributor Electro Pose, which would go on to publish the single "Sunset Lover," on June 15th, 2015. It currently has over 170 million views on YouTube and 560 million streams on Spotify as of the writing of this article. Now that you know a little bit more about who Petit Biscuit is, let me paint a picture of my life way back in the simpler time of early 2014. I had what could arguably be called the largest breakup of my life then. After a tumultuous 7 years with my high school sweetheart (through infidelity, lies, you name it), I was lost. My sense of identity was so tied up with this other person. The first and biggest change in my life was a change in my musical taste. As a kid of the '90's, I grew up with alternative rock/grunge ruling my world- Blink-182 and The Offspring were at the top for me. As I transitioned into high school, I found Gorillaz (still a favorite), Daft Punk and eventually rap/screamo. Once I started dating my eventual ex, I was introduced to the deep catalogue of Fall Out Boy, and we shared a connection to this punk-pop group from Chicago. In fact, I am still a fan now. This became my musical world for a while, but after my breakup, I needed a new sound. Enter what you could call 'EDM' and electronica. This cacophony of sound was like this wave of warmth washing over my soul. It felt so great to hear a song with this big rise until a peak with an amazing drop- it was addictive to be honest. While this music style is great for a quick adrenaline hit, it was never anything substantial that was really helpful long-term for me. I still found myself having restless nights, yearning for something more in my life. I had the groundwork. but still nothing seemed to stick as my go-to that would help me in my lowest moments. That is, until I heard the song "Sunset Lover," while browsing stations on SiriusXM. The moment I heard it, I was transported. I was taken away from my heartache, my despair. It felt as though something was calling out to me. When I returned home that night, I found the song on Spotify and listened to it over and over. I picked up the vinyl and would just play it at night when I couldn't sleep. This was the first song I felt was completely my own in over eight years at this point. On April 15th, 2017, I actually had the pleasure of seeing Petit Biscuit live at Rough Trade in New York City. The concert was a small one, maybe 100 people max and I was up front, inches away from Benjelloun, who put on an amazing show. For me, it was a solo adventure by bus from Baltimore to New York. and it felt like a great pilgrimage to see an artist who had such a deep impact on my life. Many of you reading this may have already stopped to listen to the song, or perhaps you have heard it before, but if not, what could be the best way to describe this song? It's like a beautiful melancholic upbeat symphony of vocal samples to dance to as you watch the sunset. It is - for a less poetic definition - a mix between what is know as tropical electronic and chillstep. I feel like that was just a lot of jargon, but think of tropical music stylings as a warm musical blanket that can easily transport you to your favorite warm island beach. It is designed to uplift the soul with an easy BPM (beats per minute), between 100 to 120 typically. PETIT BISCUIT PETIT BISCUIT - EPIf you find that you like this sound, the entire 2016 self-titled album follows in the same stylings. It is only 5 tracks long, but each has this warmth that can so quickly be missing in most electronic production. Other highlights of the album include "Once Again," and "Full Moon," but you can't go wrong with anything on the record, really. Fast forward to now, and Benjelloun is still going strong. His most recent album, Parachute, was released in October 2020. While I would say that he has branched out by featuring singers and other electronic artists, I still feel those warm roots that I experienced in 2015. I'm glad to see that he is experimenting with different styles of electronic music production but not straying too far outside of anything either. Has another song hit me as much as "Sunset Lover," did? No, but I am so thankful that I found my anthem that day.

We all know a good sunset is beautiful, but have you ever thought about the science behind why sunsets are so colorful? Those iconic pink and orange colors you often see at sunset are the result of a phenomenon known as scattering. Essentially, light rays coming from the sky hit small molecules and particles in the air, causing them to change directions and, well, scatter!

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