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Kirill Dmitriev
Kirill Dmitriev

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After School I went to the Mining University of Leoben and studied Applied Geoscience. I finished my studies in 2004 and started to work at a Consultant Company for Processing and Geology. In 2008 I started at RHI in the Department of Process Technology which is located at R&D. My tasks as a project manager is to analyze and improve the processing steps mixing and pressing. Additional Im responsible for our Process Information Management System where we use our PI-tools since 2007. Together with one colleague I cover all parts of our usage of PI. This includes interface to IT, tag administration, internal support & expert analysis and improvement of our applications. Since 2012 Im also the Head of the Department

vore science husband.mp4

Dr. Harald Piringer studied Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology. After finishing the master degree in 2003, he has been working at the VRVis research center in Vienna, where he became the head of the research area Visual Analytics in 2010. His work focuses on designing and building interactive systems for data science and decision making. Collaborations include company partners from the automotive sector, manufacturing, energy, finance, aviation, infrastructure, pharmaceutical, and facility management. Dr. Piringer got his PhD with highest distinction from the Vienna University of Technology in 2012, and has (co-)authored more than 30 peer-reviewed publications, and received multiple best paper awards

Steve first worked for six years in the OSIsoft field service and training groups, beginning in the Montreal office, after which he moved to Western Canada to help open the second Canadian office in Calgary. With his background and a great interest in computer science, he helped design and support the OSIsoft Virtual Campus (vCampus) program, to support people in their PI System development and integration efforts. He most recently joined the Product Managers group to manage the PI Data Access family of products.

Michael is an OSIsoft vCampus Team member. He has a degree in computerscience, and is an avid .NET programmer. His special interest is prototypingapplications, and discovering ways to use new and emerging technologies inPI System applications. He has over five years of experience developing thePI System. Prior to joining OSIsoft, he worked for a large System Integrator inEurope. 041b061a72


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