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We never use a web address hosted on a domain other than the ones listed above. For example, variant domains such as "" or an IP address (string of numbers) followed by directories such as " " are not valid Amazon Pay websites.


Hi, thanks for all that info. Was very clear and easy to understand. You mention that some wholesalers will even ship your items to amazon for you, in that case will they need to put your label provided by amazon on the products?

hi, i found the article very helpful, i have one concern and that is i have found most of the manufacturers and wholesalers reluctant to sell their brands on Amazon, i wonder how can i negotiate with them and should i tell them i am selling your brand on amazon?

You will receive invitation emails from EcoVadis or Avetta to begin this process and we ask you to respond as soon as possible. Please forward the assessment invites to the person responsible for safety and sustainability in your business.Avetta screenings are only applicable to vendors who will have a physical presence on Amazon facilities. If you have been contacted for such a screening but will not be physically present on Amazon facilities, please alert your Amazon procurement contact.For further questions about EcoVadis: procurement-sustainability@amazon.comFor further questions about Avetta:

Declare Active Storage services in config/storage.yml. For each service yourapplication uses, provide a name and the requisite configuration. The examplebelow declares three services named local, test, and amazon: 041b061a72


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