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The Little Black Book Of Violence: What Every Y...

Historian Noam Chomsky criticized the book and its reception as one-sided by outlining economist Amartya Sen's research on hunger, which revealed that while India's democratic institutions largely prevented famines, its excess of preventable mortality over China, potentially attributable to the latter's more equal distribution of medical and social resources, was nonetheless close to 4 million people per year for non-famine years. Chomsky wrote that "Supposing we now apply the methodology of the Black Book to India, the democratic capitalist 'experiment' has caused more deaths than in the entire history of Communism everywhere since 1917. Over 100 million deaths by 1979, and tens of millions more since, in India alone."[50][51][52] Economist Tim Worstall disputes this premise, stating "The error there - and one that Sen would laugh at - is to think that post-independence India was in any manner a capitalist economy. Quite famously it wasn't, in fact it was the one place that the fantasies of Fabian Socialism were enacted for any substantial number of decades."[53] Le Siècle des communismes, a collective work of twenty academics, was a response to both François Furet's Le passé d'une Illusion and Stéphane Courtois' The Black Book of Communism. It broke communism down into series of discrete movements, with mixed positive and negative results.[54] The Black Book of Communism prompted the publication of several other "black books" which argued that similar chronicles of violence and death tolls can be constructed from an examination of capitalism, imperialism, and colonialism.[55][56][57]

The Little Black Book of Violence: What Every Y...


In the final sections of the book, we learn that Covey had shown up to Bunny's place, distraught, after learning of her forced marriage with Little Man. The book hints that on the wedding day, Bunny had stolen the poison bottle that Pearl used for the cake and had used it to poison Little Man's champagne, which is what killed him during the toasts. The book ends with the three siblings scattering the mixed ashes of Covey and Gibbs into the sea along with the rest of the black cake their mother left them. For more detail, see the full Section-by-Section Summary. 041b061a72


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