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The Librarian: Quest For The Spear

On the plane, Flynn is ambushed by members of the Serpent Brotherhood and is rescued by a woman who forces him out of the plane in mid-air. Once they land, he finds that his rescuer, Nicole Noone (Sonya Walger), has been sent by Judson. She works for the Library in the role later defined as Guardian. She fell in love with the last Librarian and blames herself for his death. She resists any friendly feelings for Flynn. As the two travel through the Amazon rainforest, they encounter waterfalls, headhunters, bridge collapses, and Maya death traps, which they manage to survive with little difficulty thanks to Flynn's extensive knowledge and Nicole's physical prowess. They retrieve the second piece of the spear and are immediately captured by the brotherhood and Wilde, who is about to shoot Nicole when Flynn steps in front of her. He makes a deal to find the last piece of the spear in exchange for Nicole's life. They head to Shangri-La, in the Himalayas.

The Librarian: Quest for the Spear

When a brilliant student takes a job at the New York Public Library, he learns it involves safeguarding ancient mystic and historical treasures secretly warehoused there, protecting them from the forces of evil. When one of the artifacts, one of three sections of the Spear of Destiny, gets taken by the Serpent Brotherhood, he must track it down across the globe with the help of a female operative of the Library, skilled in the arts of self defense. They must race against the clock before the brotherhood tracks down and assembles all three sections of the spear and risk giving them the power over the world's destiny.[1]

Lana, and members of the Serpent Brotherhood take out the guards and she steals one of the three pieces of the Spear of Destiny. She is introduced as a thin, slightly curvaceous henchwoman in a cap ruthlessly dispatching a guard in an all black outfit. Her eyes enlargen as she holds the spear before delivering it to her boss, licking her purple lips. Her team later try to ambush Flynn Carsen on the plane. Disguised as an air hostess, She puts the air marshal out with a anesthetic injection. They grab Flynn and try to inject him however Nicole intervenes and manages kick Lana in the chest. The two escape Lana by jumping out with a parachute. For a brief moment, Lana's demeanor changes from the in charge tactician to a gushing fangirl as she marvels at how the heroes can escape from such a height.

Nicole is captured offscreen. Having all the pieces now, the group goes to the pyramid with a golden capstone. Wilde puts the two pieces together. Lana, adds a choker to her outfit and escorts Nicole during the ceremony, whose hands and arms are tied. When Lana arrives at the ceremony, she nods at Flynn who does not return her gesture. As the weapon is now complete Wilde tests it by stabbing Rhodes in the chest and taking his life energy for himself. Lana looks on, in awe and enjoyment at the power the spear holds. Wilde then prepares to stab Nicole as well and Lana grins widely, eagerly awaiting the moment the rival to her love interest would be defeated. However, Flynn intervenes and frees Nicole. A third kick is delivered to Lana by Nicole and she falls with arms outstretched. Then, Lana chases them as they leave the pyramid. Lana has Flynn at gunpoint in a superior position atop the stairs. She hints that she is queen material by elevating herself when she tells Flynn, "It doesn't have to be this way. We could rule the world...together." The last pause is delivered with a conviction that Lana did not possess in front of Flynn before. However, Flynn is not remotely interested and blows air out of his mouth before giving a short whistle. As if on cue, Nicole appears and disables the gun from a visibly surprised and uncomfortable Lana and throws her headfirst off the top of a flight of steps. Finally taking matters into her hands, Nicole warns Lana, "get your own geek."

A bookworm becomes the librarian. Same night a magical spear gets stolen and he's off to get some real life experience around the globe on his quest for the spear - starting with being thrown off a plane over Amazonas by his cute helper.

As we predicted, everyone knew the source of last week's teaser. The library clerk-in-meltdown was Mary, played by TGPP (The Great Parker Posey) in the classic movie beloved by ambitious library-school students everywhere, Party Girl (1995). Megan: as negotiated offline, you win a top-of-the-range DDC bookmark but only if you get this week's teaser right too. Cliff: since our extensive investigations on the interweb revealed that you are in fact a well-known OCLC employee, I'm afraid you're ineligible for this particular competition, but please feel free to enter under an amusing pseudonym like a lot of cunning readers seem to do. This week's teaser may be even easier than last week's, but, listen, we're still excited about it, okay? The question: From which work of lasting cultural significance is the following exchange extracted?

Awww. I was in a bad place last week! No Internet! I want a bookmark! I knew the answer! My question: what kind of person, not already a librarian, actually "knows" the Dewey Decimal System? I know that Team Dewey spends hours upon hours each day researching the whys, hows and minutae of said beloved system...must be some sort of vaguely magical person, is all I can think. He is...Noah Wylie, "The Librarian!"

There are two Dell Mapbacks that are re-written versions of H. Rider Haggard novels. They have been entered into the database in a couple of different ways, resulting, in one case, duplicate verified publications under different titles. So the first question is what is the preferred way to enter rewritten titles. The two rewritten novels are King Solomon's Mines and She with another publication merged with Haggard's original novel. In both cases the title page does not mention the new author: "H. Rider Haggard's King Solomon's Mines: The Story of the M-G-M Motion Picture" and "H. Rider Haggard's She: The Story Retold" The author of the rewrite is credited at the foot of the contents page.My first question is who should be credited as author. Only the re-writer, only Haggard, or both? If we credit only the re-writer, do we include "H. Rider Haggard's" as part of the title?My personal preference is to have the title as "H. Rider Haggard's She: The Story Retold" with the author as only the re-writer. Tuck does lists both books under Haggard with a note about the re-writer only for She. Reginald lists both books with both authors.My other question is how to deal with merging the two publications of She ([21] and [22]). The problem here is that I will either have to delete the publication with a primary verification by Rhschu or the one with an OCLC verification by Mhhutchins. The former editor is inactive sine 2014 and the latter is mostly incommunicado. I also have a primary verification, but I can move mine. Maybe I'm worrying too much about preserving someone else's verification. I was falsely accused of removing verifications in the past, so I'm hesitant about doing so through deletion. In any case, are there thoughts about how to merge the duplicate copies and how they should be titled and credited. Thanks. --Ron RtraceTalk 11:57, 26 September 2020 (EDT)

One further question... Is it better to scale the image down to 600 px so that the wiki software can display? Or try to find a higher rez value that still meets the max size criteria? --GlennMcG 17:32, 7 October 2020 (EDT) 041b061a72


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