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Kirill Dmitriev
Kirill Dmitriev

Balls! Virtual Reality Cricket

You walk into your room, drop your backpack, slip on your VR headset and you enter your favorite virtual reality game -- but here instead of holding a joystick seated, you have nothing more than a pair of wireless gloves on. A message pops up on your heads-up-display (HUD), "Welcome to the handsfree VR gaming experience!" How cool would that be!

Balls! Virtual Reality Cricket

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Floodlit test cricket came a step closer to reality yesterday. Or, at least, half a step, after the International Cricket Council's cricket committee agreed the organisation should be more prominent in promoting it.

This will, however, not be the case forever. As 5G use cases such as virtual and augmented reality become more mainstream, the users of tomorrow will quickly catch on to the relationship between latency, download speed, and great experiences. 041b061a72


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