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The Teacher (2022)Featured

Chadley Ballantyne will be the featured guest masterclass teacher at the Maine NATS 2022 Musical Theater Festival held at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine on November 5th. Chadley will work with singers participating in the musical theater student auditions on aspects of vocal technique to enhance their performance and interpretation of musical theater repertoire.

The Teacher (2022)Featured

For more than 25 years, Perry Nichols has made a positive impact on the health and livelihood of Chelsea School students. He is known as a major jokester amongst the teachers, writing limericks and getting a laugh out of everyone!

Each year, Humanities Texas presents annual statewide awards to encourage excellence in teaching and recognize Texas classroom teachers who have made exemplary contributions in teaching, curriculum development, and extracurricular programming. We are pleased to feature three of our 2022 Outstanding Teaching Award recipients and their recent award presentations. Each award winner received $5,000, with an additional $1,000 for their schools to support further excellence in the instruction of the humanities.

Humanities Texas is currently accepting nominations for the 2023 Outstanding Teaching Award cycle, so nominate a teacher you know and admire! Nominations will be accepted through Friday, December 9, 2022. Visit our Awards page for more information and to submit a nomination.

"Mrs. Álvarez-Sims displays the qualities that make a teacher successful. She is an advocate, dependable, motivated, organized, and is in tune with the needs of her students," said Travis Heights Elementary Principal Michelle Amezquita-Navarro.

"One of the most important things I can do as a Texas history teacher is guide my students in seeing the connections to the past, present, and future in themselves and their community," wrote Álvarez-Sims. "Through teaching Texas history, I am able to help students find their voice, to share the connections from lessons learned to their life and the lives of others, and to be a voice of change for our community."

Schools have found themselves having to hire teachers in a "candidate-driven market." We surveyed our PK-12 partner schools across the country to learn more about current and upcoming hiring trends, and the factors most impacting the demand for teachers.We also took a closer look at the impact of the teacher shortage in the candidate pool of our platform, and trends in current school demand.

Our very own Ms. Ordaz was featured in the District News. This article was originally posted on the PCSD News Feed. If you enjoyed reading this, we would love to have you explore the other stories we report on. Come check us out at, and feel free to share what we post on social media!

I knew that I wanted to be a music teacher when I was 13 years old. The positive musical experiences, joy, and belongingness that I felt as a middle school choral and band student are what inspired me to become a music teacher. I wanted to provide a space for belongingness and share positive musical experiences and joy with others.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a week in which we should honor educators and reflect on the complexities and challenges of the teaching profession. To truly appreciate teachers, one must try to understand and value what teachers experience daily.

Brazosport ISD Director of Special Services for the last 8 years, Lorin Furlow has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Houston-Clear Lake and Masters in Educational Leadership from Lamar University. Her educational career includes Pre-Kindergarten, early childhood special education (ECSE), and being the district's first structured special education classroom teacher. Lorin has also served as a member of the districtwide behavior support team, autism specialist, elementary special education facilitator, and secondary special education coordinator. She is a restorative practices trainer and is the current President-Elect for the Texas Council of Administrators of Special Education.

Yasmeen Hossain, Ph.D., has been combining her experience in the mental health field with her background in environmental science for more than 15 years, serving as an executive director, trauma practitioner, program manager, educator, and teacher-trainer throughout the U.S. and internationally. Yasmeen earned an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in sustainable development from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and an MSc from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is currently professional faculty at Oregon State University Extension with the Oregon Natural Resources Education Program (ONREP).

Another teacher new to Millikan this year is Special Education teacher, Angelica (Angie) Bermudez, otherwise known to her students as Ms. B. She is currently with the MBA pathway and teaches Algebra, English, Practical Living, and Career Management. Ms. B. also has a degree as an Educational Specialist.

Similarly to Mr. Reynolds, Mrs. Zimber had another career plan prior to that of a teacher. She was an entrepreneur and to this day her husband still runs their mid-century/vintage furniture business.

In order to understand the features of sport schools and their impacts on the holistic development of student-athletes, it is important to take into account the voice of multiple stakeholders central to the programmes (student-athletes, coaches, teachers). Through a case-study approach, using five focus groups, with 19 student-athletes, and six semi-structured interviews with three coaches and three dual coach and teachers, this study explored the perceived impacts of one sport-friendly school (pseudonym-"Salkeld High") on holistic athlete development and the features that drove these impacts. Using a critical realist approach to thematic analysis, findings indicated a multitude of immediate, intermediate and long-term positive and negative impacts associated with academic/vocational (e.g., academic security vs. second/third choice university), athletic/physical (e.g., performance development vs. injuries), psychosocial (e.g., social skills vs. social scarifies) and psychological (e.g., sport confidence vs. performance pressure) development of "Salkeld High" student-athletes. Overall, "Salkeld High" was viewed as an integrated school environment for sport, academics, and boarding, where academic (e.g., extra-tutoring), athletic (e.g., high volume/frequency of training), and psychosocial/psychological (e.g., pastoral services) features are all in one location. The student-athletes tended to get a well-rounded, balanced holistic experience. However, the intensified and challenging nature of involvement did present some negative impacts that stakeholders should be aware of when designing, implementing, and evaluating sport-friendly school programmes. Furthermore, although "Salkeld High" was seen as an integrated environment within the school, it could do better at collaborating with wider sporting structures.

The Maine kindergarten teacher who made an LGBT-friendly instructional video at the heart of a new Republican attack ad is speaking out, saying the lesson was age-appropriate and that she is disappointed that Gov. Janet Mills removed the video from a Department of Education website.

The former Whitefield Elementary School kindergarten teacher cited a 2020 study that found gender identity is usually established by first grade, and that almost all transgender individuals involved in the study had experienced the significant stress of wanting to be another gender by that time.Advertisement

Many groups that support transgender people would like to see the Maine Department of Education issue evidence-based, stakeholder-informed educational guidelines and sample lessons on how K-8 teachers should talk about gender divergent people as part of building inclusive classrooms, said Quinn Gormley, the executive director of MaineTrans.Net, an organization that works to empower transgender people.

MOOSE is not a state-mandated curriculum. No teacher or school district was required to use the Freedom Holidays lesson plan, and it is unclear how many did. MOOSE is made up of free, project-based lesson plans created by Maine teachers for optional use by other Maine teachers.

The online hub is undergoing a previously scheduled review by Department of Education staff, a spokesman said. It is part of a plan to update the lesson plans created in the first year of the pandemic and to consider new material created by teachers for the coming school year.

Ms. Heather Elfering is a new teacher this year at OHS in the Physical Education department. Along with teaching at OHS, she also teaches at the Owatonna Middle School, Lincoln and Mckinley. She attended Mayville State University located in North Dakota. This year she will be teaching Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE). Elferling was inspired to become a teacher because she enjoys wo...

OHS has a new addition to the math department this year. Mr. Daniel Saehler is a teacher of seven years who has recently joined the OHS staff. He will be teaching Intermediate Algebra, Computer Science I and AP Computer Science Principles. Saehler received a math degree with a focus on secondary education from the University of Iowa. His teachers from middle and high school are what inspired hi...

Since starting at ECC in 2004, Parul Raval, Ed.D., professor of education, has dedicated herself to raising the next generation of working professionals in the field. Although she is now the teacher, Raval believes learning is a never-ending quality to help us succeed in our personal and professional lives.

In your words, what do you do at ECC? What do you want others to know about your job? I prepare students to pursue and develop careers in education at the K-12 level: teachers, teaching assistants, paraprofessionals, and tutors. As one of the Education Instructional Coordinators, I help build an education program including professional development opportunities and teacher licensure (PELs) in collaboration with area school districts and colleges of education. I also work with ECC students, faculty, administration, and staff on curriculum, assessment, and the university transfer process. 041b061a72


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