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Download Tamil Jukebox Songs - The Greatest Hits of Tamil Cinema

Tamil Songs Download Jukebox: How to Enjoy the Best of Tamil Music Online

Tamil music is one of the oldest and richest musical traditions in the world, with a history that spans thousands of years and a diversity that reflects the culture and identity of the Tamil people. Whether it is the classical melodies of Carnatic music, the folk rhythms of Dappankuthu, or the modern beats of Kollywood, Tamil music has something for everyone.

But how can you enjoy the best of Tamil music online? One of the most popular and convenient ways is to use a jukebox. A jukebox is a device or software that allows you to download, stream, and play songs from a large collection of music. You can choose your favorite songs, create your own playlists, or listen to curated selections based on your mood, genre, or artist.

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In this article, we will explore the history and evolution of Tamil music and its genres, the benefits and features of using a jukebox to download and stream Tamil songs, and the top trending Tamil music apps and websites in 2021.

The history and evolution of Tamil music and its genres

Tamil music has a long and rich history that goes back to the earliest period of Tamil civilization. It has been influenced by various cultural, religious, and political factors over time, resulting in a variety of musical forms and styles.

The ancient and classical traditions of Tamil music

The tradition of Tamil music goes back to the were set to music. There are various references to this ancient musical tradition found in the Sangam books such as Ettuthokai and Pathupattu. The early narrative poem Silappatikaram, belonging to the post-Sangam period (5th or 6th century CE), also mentions various forms of music practiced by the Tamil people.

The Sangam literature mentions different types of musical instruments, such as yaazh (a harp-like stringed instrument), parai (a drum), nadaswaram (a wind instrument), urumee (a double-headed drum), kuzhal (a flute), maddalam (a barrel-shaped drum), kinnari (a small lute), murali (a flute), villadi vadyam (a bow-shaped instrument), etc.

The Sangam literature also mentions different types of musical modes or scales, called pann, which were associated with different landscapes, moods, seasons, times, etc. For example , kurinji was the mode of the hills, mullai was the mode of the forests, marutham was the mode of the plains, neydhal was the mode of the sea, and paalai was the mode of the desert. Each pann had its own characteristic melody, rhythm, and emotion.

The classical tradition of Tamil music reached its peak during the , which is one of the two main subgenres of Indian classical music. Carnatic music is based on a complex system of ragas (melodic modes) and talas (rhythmic cycles), and is characterized by its emphasis on vocal music, improvisation, and ornamentation.

The folk and popular forms of Tamil music

Apart from the classical tradition, Tamil music also has a rich and vibrant folk tradition that reflects the everyday life, culture, and values of the common people. Folk music is usually performed in groups, with simple instruments such as drums, flutes, cymbals, etc. Folk music is also associated with various festivals, rituals, ceremonies, dances, and dramas that are part of the Tamil culture.

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Some of the most popular forms of Tamil folk music are:

  • Dappankuthu: A fast-paced dance music that originated from the Dalit community. It is often performed during celebrations, weddings, and political rallies. It is characterized by its catchy beats, energetic movements, and witty lyrics.

  • Gaana: A style of urban folk music that emerged from the slums of Chennai. It is influenced by various genres such as hip hop, reggae, rap, and pop. It is known for its raw and realistic expression of social issues, love, and humor.

  • Kummi: A form of clapping music that is performed by women during harvest festivals and other occasions. It involves rhythmic clapping of hands and singing of songs that describe various aspects of rural life.

  • Kolattam: A form of stick dance that is performed by men and women during festivals such as Pongal and Navratri. It involves swinging and hitting of sticks in coordination with the music and singing.

  • Villu Paattu: A form of musical storytelling that involves a bow-shaped instrument called villu. The performer uses the villu to create different sounds and narrates stories from epics, legends, or history.

  • Oyilattam: A form of dance music that involves waving of handkerchiefs or flags. It is performed by men in colorful costumes and turbans during festivals and fairs. It is accompanied by drums, flutes, and cymbals.

  • Karagattam: A form of balancing dance that involves carrying a decorated pot or a pyramid of pots on the head. It is performed by men or women as a solo or a group act. It requires great skill and agility to balance the pots while dancing to the music.

  • Therukoothu: A form of street theater that involves acting, singing, dancing, and music. It is usually performed at night in open spaces such as temples or village squares. It depicts stories from epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata, or from local folklore.

The film and contemporary trends of Tamil music

The advent of cinema in the 20th century had a profound impact on Tamil music, as it gave rise to a new genre of film music that blended classical, folk, and western elements. Film music became a dominant force in shaping the tastes and preferences of the Tamil audience, as well as influencing the development of other forms of popular music.

The pioneers of Tamil film music were composers such as . These composers have created some of the most memorable and popular songs in Tamil cinema, ranging from melodious tunes to peppy numbers, from romantic ballads to patriotic anthems, from classical fusion to western rock.

The contemporary trends of Tamil music are also influenced by the global and regional musical movements, such as indie, pop, hip hop, electronic, folk rock, etc. Some of the emerging and talented artists who are creating new waves in Tamil music are .

The benefits and features of using a jukebox to download and stream Tamil songs

With the advent of technology and the internet, listening to Tamil music has become easier and more enjoyable than ever before. One of the best ways to access and enjoy Tamil music online is to use a jukebox. A jukebox is a device or software that allows you to download, stream, and play songs from a large collection of music. You can choose your favorite songs, create your own playlists, or listen to curated selections based on your mood, genre, or artist.

There are many benefits and features of using a jukebox to download and stream Tamil songs, such as:

The convenience and accessibility of online jukeboxes

One of the main advantages of using a jukebox is that it is very convenient and accessible. You can access a jukebox from any device, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, as long as you have an internet connection. You can also download songs offline and listen to them anytime and a


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